About Me

Ro·nald \ Ro·nnie \ Ron : An Old Norse origin, and its meaning is “ruler’s counselor.” The Scottish version of the Reg meaning power force. An energetic nature with a very active mind. Always looking for something to do, likes to know what is happening. Perpetual motion personified.

Ronnie Miranda is a highly conceptual thinker who likes to seek the underlying meaning rather than get mired in the facts and figures. Because of this approach, he is more inclined to get a broad understanding of what’s going on, enabling him to make connections between something learned three weeks ago, and something he is learning today. While other people may need those types of connections to be pointed out for them, he just naturally makes them.

Blue Skies

I saw a little boy in you that marvelled about computers, the X-Men and the wonders of technology and daredevil stunts (only an idiot like you would try scuba diving, bungee jumping and sky diving in one lifetime). You had SEIZED LIFE by the reins and challenged it – and enjoyed the whole process. You are the kind of person, as I saw it, as one who would throw his whole heart and soul in whatever he did. A very passionate kind of soul who had much to contribute in the world. In your eyes I had seen a visionary….

– excerpt from a letter of Carissa Cruz, Aug 26, 1996



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