Creation of Evil

Who created evil? Who created the devil?

Christians argue that God created EVERYTHING, that is, He is the source of ALL creation.

If God created EVERYTHING then He should have created evil as well. If He did not create evil, then that contradicts the Christian argument that God is Omnipotent (having unlimited power; able to do anything) and Omniscient (all-knowing, all-wise, all-seeing).

Furthermore, if God is Omnipresent (present everywhere at the same time) then he should know what would happen, how things will turn out BEFORE they even occur – including the existence of evil. If He didn’t know that evil would happen, then it again contradicts his Omnipresence.

If God created only good but not evil, then someone or something else is most likely on the same “level” as God to be able to create evil.

Let us use the Story of Creation (which is a metaphor) to argue this point:

The Garden of Eden or “Paradise” is suppose to be PERFECT, right?. If it is “perfect”, then how did the devil get inside the Garden in the first place? Either the Garden is flawed (therefore, not “perfect”) or someone/something placed evil or allowed the devil in there in the first place, perhaps even intentionally. No one else can do this except God. Therefore, God has to be the source of both good and evil.

The existence of evil and the devil in this world is by God’s intention and design. In the Old Testament, God deliberately and intentionally created disease, plagues, floods, destruction, etc.

Is evil really “evil”? Or is evil actually “good” in another form?

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