Do We Need God to Tell Us Right From Wrong?

It is a mistake to equate the rejection of "God" with the rejection of a moral code. One has only to read Sartre, Carnus or Dostoevsky to realize that atheists have a deep appreciation for what is right and wrong. Furthermore, the attitude of certain "institutionalized" religions toward sex, sexuality and celibacy is as much part of the "problem" as anything else. Repression tends to promote deviant behaviour, whereas dealing with normal, healthy human behaviour in a mature and thoughtful way is the way to go. Nevertheless, satisfying a sexual urge in the manner of satisfying other human needs (hunger, security, etc.) does not by itself constitute a lack of morality. For example, secular societies around the globe agree that forcing sex upon an unwilling partner is wrong. It doesn’t take God to tell us that.

Greg Boorman, Vancouver Sun Opinion, February 3, 2006

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